Check-in from your Phone or Tablet

Online check-in

Please follow the steps below to Check-In from your phone.

  1. Click the check in button below
  2. Insert your Reference Number (provided by your Tour Operator or located over your Name on the WiFi Ticket (for assistance ask at the Front Desk)
  3. Read & Accept our Terms & Conditions
  4. Sign and save
  5. Complete all the information for every guest in the room, sign and save

Q&A (Questions & Answers)

Q: When should I make the e-Check In Registration process?
A: It is best to make the registration just before arriving to our hotel, or when you arrive to our reception, using our Fast and Free WiFi (Our reception will provide your unique wifi password).

Q: Do I have to use the WiFi of the hotel to complete the e-checkin?
A: No, you can complete the e-checkin on your mobile data, for example on your way to our hotel.

Q: I tried to check-in a day before and I got an error.
A: e-Check In is only available few hours prior to your arrival. Please try again later.

Q: I tried to check-in and I got the error “Wrong reference number”.
A: In rare cases the reference from your Tour Operator does not match our records. Our reception will provide the correct reference at your arrival, along with your unique WiFi password.

Q: I don’t have a reference number but I want to use the e-Check In process for my comfort.
A: Our reception will provide you with your reference at your arrival, along with your unique WiFi password.

Express Check-out

Check-out before your departure

Please fill in the form or contact our reception. We will contact you a day before your departure to finalize the Check-out.