At High Beach Resort, your health is a priority. We provide a range of fitness facilities, including a fully equipped Fitness Room and an Outdoor Gym with holistic training methods. You can participate in our Sport Activities Program and enjoy playing padel on our state-of-the-art Padel Court. We are dedicated to enhancing your experience and ensuring your satisfaction during your stay with us.


Begin your day with energy blast in our Fitness Room. Fully equipped with aerobic exercise machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes and machines that help you train many different muscle groups and maintain your physical condition, such as the rowing machine. We took care so that you won’t miss a thing on your vacations and stay consistent to your training goals.

* Minors are not allowed without parental supervision.

Operation Hours

Fitness room operates daily from 08:00-20:00.

Contact our Front Desk or Concierge and book on the spot the preferred time for your training session.


The growing need for health living and exercise in our everyday life, creates for the modern travelers the desire to be able to maintain those habits wherever they are. The respect and thorough research on these needs, led us to the creation of an Outdoor Gym with a special concept based on holistic training methods.

In the outdoor gym you will find, dumbbells, outdoor aerobic exercise machines, multi-machines, callisthenic equipment, abs and back machines, yoga mats and a dedicated area that takes place sport activity programs.

* Minors are not allowed without parental supervision.

Operation Hours

Outdoor Gym operates daily from 08:00-22:00.

Entrance is allowed without booking using the guest’s room card.


A state-of-the-art Padel Court with floodlights, that is located at High Beach Resort is now available for all guests of High Beach Resort & High Beach White – the villa Collection.

* Minors are not allowed without parental supervision.
* Flood lights use upon extra charge

Operation Hours

Feel free to contact our Front Desk or Concierge, so as to book your appointment for an enjoyable padel game.